It’s been a while

I’ve still been working on my herd of elephants (one very small bite at a time), but as life goes with DID, I couldn’t figure out what the name of the blog was or what the password and logins were. Lovely. Seems that the existence of the blog tends to escape me from time to time. Ironically, in daily life I don’t feel like I lose much time, but things like passwords, forums etc. tend to fall off my radar every now and then. I will try to keep up with this as much as I can from now on.

What’s new since my last post? Well, 2010 has generally been more settled than 2009. I have completed just over a year in therapy with my new therapist. Things are still going well on that front. I see her twice weekly and sometimes three times if things are difficult. We have had our ups and downs, but she has always been there in the end and continues to walk this path with me.

Some things that we have been working on and that I hope to blog about soon include:

1) Processing trauma memories

2) When my therapist suddenly seems like my mom and scares the crap out of me

3) Processing grief and realizing that some things that I’ve longed for will never happen

4) Attachment issues

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